The brand

Horse riding lovers, riders of always and experts in saddles for a few years ago, the GBS Sellier team gathered their savoir-faire and technical knowledge to develop a saddle, which corresponds to their philosophy.

Custom-made and customizable, GBS saddles take into account the latest data for a high adaptation to the horse morphology and the veterinary observations of these last years.

The saddle tree, the saddle frame, is drawn and specially custom-made for GBS saddles. This way, it is more opened at the level of the arch saddle points to free the movement of the shoulders and to offer an amplitude gain to the horse. The reinforcement at the knob and the arch avoid the degradation of the saddle tree and prevents putting weight on the withers.

The panels directly integrated to the sweat flap allow a perfect adaptation to the horse morphology. Therefore, it guarantees the horse rider an optimal comfort and a real sensation of proximity with the horse.

Sensible to the values of craftwork and to the quality of the materials used, each GBS Sellier saddle is custom-made with exclusively French saddle tree and exclusively French leathers as well.

GBS Sellier

Our expertise

Expertise - GBS Sellier

The whole GBS team wants to guide individually each horse rider in his sport project. For an amateur or professional or high level usage, we are here to listen to your needs, your universe and your horse.

We work to offer you our technical expertise and to propose an entire custom-made saddle, which is adapted to the morphology of your horse and to your riding practice as well. Meaning the size of the seat type, the design or the flap dimension, the thicknesses of advances and the knee blocks etc. but also your aesthetic preferences (colors and customization). We make by hand a quality product to best fit your needs and the well-being of your horse.

Our savoir-faire permits us to select the best materials. The saddle tree, French manufactured, wood metal is guaranteed 10 years. GBS works with the last French tannery, tanning your leather  in a vegetal way, conferring an optimum patina, an excellent grip and an incomparable softness. Finally, shape memory foam is used in order to conserve the same comfort over time and not to lose density.

Vegetal tanning

The tanning is transformation of the putrescible skin into a new material, impermeable, flexible and low hydrated: the leather. It consists in treating the “raw” skin by tannins or tanning materials to transform it in leather.

There are several kind of tanning: vegetal, mineral or using chrome.

The vegetal tanning is a skin maceration process in a bath of vegetal tannin or in a bed of tan (crushed barks of oaks arranged in a successive layers) in tanks or special pits. The process is divided in three essentials steps: the swelling, the penetration and the setting. During the vegetal tanning, the swelling operation impacts the leather quality.

The vegetal tannins are mainly barks (oaks, pine, willow), won (chestnut tree, oak tree), roots (Badan) and leaves (Sumac).

The leathers selected by GBS Sellier are only stemmed from this artisanal savoir-faire, which provides the best quality:

  • Excellent grip ;
  • Resistance to rubbing, pressure, wear and UV ;
  • Incomparable softness ;
  • Hypoallergenic property ;
  • Pleasant smell of undergrowth.

GBS Sellier commits to respecting this tradition by offering you the best leather and rejecting the chrome tanning, which doesn’t respect the environment.

Tannage végétal - GBS Sellier