Equisense Anatomic girth by GBS Sellier

200,00 €

Girth cleared in terms of elbows to release the horse and to encourage its movement.

It is reinforced with polyurethane foam to spread the pressure on the thoracic cavity.

A central snap hook and tow rings on the girth extremities ensure the setting of reins. The girth straps staggered are equipped of roller to facilitate and optimize the strapping of your GBS saddle.

Finishes in orange leather at the extremities and at the sensor clip.

The Equisense Motion sensor is not sold with the anatomic girth.

About Equisense

Equisense makes the first connected object for the practice of horse riding in order to improve the horses wellness and to improve the horse / rider couple. Equisense brings objectivity, follow-up and allow riders to share with their team thanks to a sensor attached to the girth.

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